The Candidates: How Nigerians react wen Atiku/Obi ansa qweshion for di town hall meeting

Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi dey ansa qweshion for The Candidates Town hall meeting Image copyright Facebook/@PeterObi

The Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku and im Vice Peter Obi don ansa qweshion for di Town Hall meeting 'The Candidates' wey MacArthur Foundation plus NTA and DARIA media join body organise for Abuja, Nigeria capital.

For di meeting, Atiku tok say im go consider pardon for corruption suspects and im amnesty programme go encourage looters to use dia own hand and church mind return some of di money wey dem tiff to invest build infrastructure.

Obi too wey chook mouth for di amnesty mata tok say e go pay pass to forgive as e go epp goment recover stolen funds sharperly.

Atiku also chook mouth inside di way military dey fight Boko Haram say under im watch e no go be business as usual as im go investigate.

"We no go fit continue to dey accept dat kain tin say commanders go just dey loss lives, equipment to terrorist and noting go happen." Na so Atiku tok.

Atiku also chook mouth ontop accuse say im use im wife Jennifer Douglas do money laundering for America, "Dem never indict my wife and dem never charge am too, so e no get way you fit conclude say e happen, she dey travel go America well-well." Na so Atiku tok.

Wen dem ask am if e go accept di outcome of di 2019 election Atiku say im go accept as long as say na 'credible election' happun.

Nigerians react

Plenti Nigerians na im follow di meeting as e dey happun and dem get plenti to tok.

While some compare am wit how di one between President Muhammadu Buharia nd im Vice Prof. Yemi Osinbajo waka, odas react to di ansa to some of di qweshion wey di moderator ask.

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