Maurice Kamto: Goment accuse CRM party leader for rebellion plus disturbing public order

Maurice Kamto Image copyright Maurice Kamto

Goment don accuse Maurice Kamto, Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM party leader, de organizer for white march for different parts for kontri for group rebellion, disturbing public peace and six oda crimes.

Kamto loss 2018 elections and na for seka protest weh den call election hold-up weh den organise white march and den arrest 200 pipo for different parts for kontri.

"Gada crowd, group rebellion, hostility for kontri, insurrection, disturbing public order, association wit pipo weh deh di do ban tins, inciting insurrection, and complicity", na de eight crimes, weh Me Souop, Kamto e lawyer tell tori pipo for night.

Deh interrogate Kamto for front director for Judicial police chief and e take responsibility for peaceful march for kontri, but e say e no know deh pipo weh deh break tins for Cameroon embassy for Paris and Berlin, de lawyer tok.

Kamto condemn vandalism, say e nova eva send any man for break any tin or put disorder for embassies.

Kamto e lawyer say e client reply with honesty say e nova commit any crime, and say public manifestation na right for inside Cameroon constitution.

De lawyer show surprise say deh already gum crimes dem for dia clients even before state prosecutor start kweshion dem.

Image copyright Olivier Nissack Bibou
Image example Maurice Kamto lawyer dem for di press briefing

Maitre Emmanuel Simh, weh na mimba for CRM party, and lawyer count kain by kain violations for human rights say deh keep 68 pipo dem for bad condition for Soa, as deh di sleep for empty floor no mattress.

Simh say wen deh arrest CRM mimbas for march deh spread gas, odas wound go hospital, deh kana tin weh police di do na only wen pipo become hostile.

Deh kidnap victims from hospital, Celestin Djamen, Fankam lock dem violate dia right and deh fit get infection as deh bin get for treat dem first as law tok.

Simh argue say deh arrest pipo dem for different place bring dem for Yaoundé, but law say deh suppose judge where deh arrest dem.

De lawyer say deh torture pipo for Dschang, pour itching wata for dia skin, sick pipo weh deh suppose take drugs ever day laik Kamto get drugs only yesterday, Penda Ekoka, and Albert Dzongang nova get dia own.

Among 20 lawyers don di helep de pipo weh deh arrest for different cells weh deh put dem for Yaounde.

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