Entrepreneurship: How partnership fit work for SMEs

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Image example Dem start dia business for January 2018

Nigeria musician, Faze tok for one of im song say, "some day, dem go leave each oda, cuz truly none of them be broda".

Plenti pipo mostly youths don dey enta business on top say jobs scarce, more of which dey collabo to do am.

But disagreement and argument go fit follow any mata wey your mind dey inside and for pipo wey truly non of dem be broda fit scata relationship.

As small businesses na di backbone for any strong economy, we tok say make we understand why businesses dem dey fail.

Corporate lawyer, Simisola Folarin-Oso tok say "argument on top how money dey comot from business fit be di major wahala for partnership."

She say oda issues dey like, partners wey no dey do dia own part for di business and wen "one of di partners for di business fit go do sometin wey go affect evribodi wey dey di oda partners."

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Ebere Nkoro wey be one of di owners of one online store for clothes; Topgrade, tok say one of di issues wey she don get with her partner Barbara Nwoke-Ogbozor for di business na say dem fit no gree on some parts of di business.

"At some point, I bin get idea on how to take picture wey e go show beta tins for our site, as per say we dey work online and na by wetin pipo dey see, dem dey take buy market, and she bin no too like di plan, so we tok about am, decide say na good idea but no be now idea," na wetin she tok.

How partnership fit work for business dem?

Sake of say even pipo wey be like Siamese twins go get different ways dem dey take tink, wahala go always dey but for business, dis fit cause more wahala than if na just relationship.

Dat na why steps dey for law wey go allow pipo to fit organise dia business sotay even if wahala dey, way don alreadi dey to settle am..

Madam Folarin-Oso tok say e dey important to get partnership agreement wey go be di guide wen wahala start for your business.

She say for di agreement make you get wetin each partner for di business go dey do so dat di partners no go dey nack head.

For example for Topgrade, dem dey use wetin dem sabi do pass for dia business.

Madam Nkoro dey do social media waka and dey deal with customers and her partner, madam Nwoke-Ogbozor na who dey buy di market wey dem dey sell.

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Nkoro follow tell BBC News Pidgin say "wetin dey important for business na trust, trust say dis pesin fit make decisions for di business and wetin dem choose na di best. "

On top money mata, Nkoro tok say her relationship with her partner dey weird because "if any pesin wan scam me, we feel say e good make e be our partner."

She chook mouth on to investment enta di business say no be only about di money wey dey go in but di time and effort. So wen you come calculate am e go balance for each partner.

Dis dey important to note as lawyer madam, Folarin-Oso tok say for partnership, wahala fi come from di fact say, pesin no dey do wetin dem suppose do.

E important, if pesin dey enta partnership make dem understand dis tins and make e show for dia partnership agreement, because patnership wey no go well fit turn court case.

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