Cancer: Number for pikin dem weh deh get Cancer for Cameroon di increase - Oncologist

Lizy Fawoh for hospital

Even if today 10 year old Ebako Fawoh don go through operation and chemotherapy (treatment for cure cancer cells) di fit play, laugh laik any oda pikin, e no bin easy for yi mami for gree say e pikin get cancer.

Lizy Fawoh tori how for June last year, e pikin, Ebako very intelligent for class five, fall as e bin di play for school.

As e bi di stay wit ma broad, deh call me say deh don admit e for Gynaeco-Obstetric hospital say e get growth for belle.

Afta tests doctors, say de tin too much den send we for Chantal Biya Foundation.

Afta oda tests doctors say na cancer. At first ah no fit gree, because deh tell me say if pikin do chemotherapy e go die. Ah craiy, ah no bi fit believe until afta operation wen ah see results.

As mami for see pikin with big belle laik bolobolo, seven months pregnancy, wit temperature around 40, e bi hard, no sleep before operation.

De growth burst and wen blood di pass wusai piss get for pass, de pain bi too much.

For operation ma pikin die for inside theatre, deh kam say make ah pray, but afta deh drain blood from kidney e kam back for life.

Today Ebako dey alife wit one kidney, don follow treatment for six moons for hospital di only kam back now for check-up.

Ma broda don spend millions, for keep de pikin alife.

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Image example Cameroon di register about 1000 news cases for cancer for pikin dem every year

Plenti- plenti pikin dem di get Cancer for Cameroon

Plenti pikin den laik Ebako dey for Cameroon, and every year hospital di register 300 new case for cancer.

Dr. Pondy Angèle Hermine, paediatric Haemato-Oncologist for Chantal Biya Mother and Child Centre tell BBC Pidgin.

Cameroon no get cancer registry for pikin dem and for adults, but hospital statistics from de Foundation and Cameroon Baptiste Health Services show say cancer for pikin dem na big problem.

But international agency for research on cancer say wen deh compare Cameroon wit oda kontri deh fit say Cameroon di register about 1000 news cases for cancer for pikin dem every year, Glenn Mbah Children Cancer Nurse for Cameroon Baptiste Convention Health Services tok.

Even as correct statistics no dey, Pondi say de most most important tin na for check de cancer early and say as cancer di grow de fit treat'am with Chemotherapy.

Image example Dr. Pondy Angèle Hermine na Paediatric Haemato-Oncologist for Chantal Biya Mother and Child Centre

Signs weh mami for take'am serious rush for hospital

Glenn Mhah say early warning for cancer for pikin dem na wen sometin high for any part for pikin e skin, leg, jaw.

White spot for dat black place for eye, e no bi normal, and fit bi tumour weh e di grow behind de eye, e deh see'am early, deh fit save eye and de pikin.

Fever weh e kam and go fit bi blood cancer. Also easy bleeding, wen pikin get wound, blood di komot for long before e stop.

Wen pikin di loss bodi control, no di walk again, lose control of bladder and oda parts.

Pikin di feel pain for belle e good for scan check for cancer.

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Image example Medical official dey mix chemotherapy treatment for cancer patient

Few number for pikin dem di die from cancer deh compare with adult cancer, deh fit cure so if pikin die avoidable death.

De oncologists say depending on de cancer, between 50-80 percent pikin dem di get well afta treatment.

But bone cancer and radiology na still big headache for treat pikin cancer.

Professor Paul Ndom, Medical Oncologist, Permanent Secretary for national cancer control program, say deh wan start registry for cancer and train more oncologists, sensitise for check cancer early for dia plan for 2019-2021.

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