Eti-Osa debate: I go publish my salary, allawee and allocation if I win - Banky W

Banky W
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Nigerian singer, actor, and media entrepreneur wey don turn politician, Olubankole Wellington AKA Banky W, don promise to publish im salary, allawee and allocation if dem elect am to represent Eti-Osa constituency for Lagos state, South West Nigeria, for di 2019 elections.

Banky W wey dey contest for di House of Representatives seat under Modern Democratic Party (MDP), tok dis one during di debate wey BBC togeda wit Media Room Hub and Pulse Nigeria arrange for di candidates dem wey wan contest.

Banky say one of di most important challenges wey dey face Eti-Osa, na also one of di most important challenges wey dey face everi constituency inside Nigeria and dat na di challenge of 'not having a representative wey dey transparent and accountable for di office wey dem occupy'.

"Most of us no know who our representatives be, tok less of dia salary and allowances and constituency allocations wey dem dey receive everi year most of di time dem dey use dia money enrich demselves."

How I plan to address dis myself directly, first of all, I go publish wetin I dey earn as legislator, my salary, my allowance, and di allocation wey dem dey give to Eti-Osa, I go publish am.

"We go do town halls and active constituency office to engage di community to tell dem di allocation wey we dey receive, and wetin dem wan spend am on. " Na so Banky tok.

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