Why women dey live long pass men

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Image example Life expectancy of women high pass men own evriwia for world

Evriwia for world, women dey enjoy long life pass men.

For 2016, World Health Organisation tok say di global average life expectancy of women na 74 years and for men na 69 years and 8 months.

So why women dey live long pass men and wetin dey give dem dis advantage?


Professor David Gems from di University College London tok say, "Male embryos dey die fast pass female embryos."

Di chromosomes wey dey determine which sex pesin go be, fit be wetin dey make women live pass men.

Women get XX chromosome and men get XY. Chromosomes get genes and di X chromosome get plenti genes wey dey help you dey alive.


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Image example Di female sex hormone oestrogen dey help fight bad cholestorol wey dey cause heart diseases

Experts tok say testosterone wey dey make boys strong, get deep voice and hairy chest na im dey also make men dey do high-risk tins like fight-fight, drive bike and cars on top high speed and even suicide.

Some studies don show say male humans and animals wey no get testicle dey live longer.

Di female sex hormone wey be oestrogen na also antioxidant, meaning say e dey comot yama yama chemicals wey dey stress cells for bodi.

Work and behaviour

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Image example Smoking and drinking dey reduce di lifespan of pipo

For places wey dey get war and fight fight, life expectancy of males dey drop but for areas wia healthcare dey poor, plenti women dey die wen dem dey born pikin.

Tins like smoking, drinking and too much chop-chop fit be some of di factors wey dey make one gender live long pass di oda.

E dey likely say Russian men fit die 13 years earlier, partly because of too much drinking.

Long life no be healthy life

Even tho say women dey live longer, dem dey sick well-well especially wen dem don dey old.

Women wey dey between 16 to 60 dey likely to visit doctors pass men wey dey di same age group for plenti kontris.

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