BBC Pidgin Governorship Debate: Seven takeaways from Delta State

BBC Pidgin Governorship Debate
Image example Three of di six Governorship candidates wey dem invite show face engage with di pipo of di state.

Di BBC Pidgin Governorship Debate wey happun on Thursday for Asaba, Delta State see three of di six Governorship candidates wey get invite engage wit di pipo of di state.

Dis na seven important tins to learn from di BBC Pidgin Governorship Debate for Delta State.

One million naira fit help 20 young pipo each year

Governorship candidate of the African Action Congress Frank Esanubi argue say im fit give young pipo for Delta state one-one million naira afta dem finish NYSC.

Him add say no be promise, also add say him don do di calculations and him goment go work wit NYSC on top di mata.

Unemployment dey cause insecurity for Delta

On top di mata of insecurity for di state, all di candidates agree say one of di reason why insecurity plenti for Delta state na because young pipo no get work.

Dem agree say dem go try create work for pipo so as to stop di insecurity.

Sports fit help grow di economy

Sports na one of di mata wey dem tok for di debate.

For Brandon Omu for di All Grand Alliance Party, him wan move di focus from football to oda areas like swimming and track.

Di candidates also tok say dem go improve sporting activities for primary and secondary schools.

Delta State due for change.

For di candidates wey come di debate, one tin wey dem believe na say di state need new leadership.

According to dem, one party don rule for 20 years and new leadership fit move am go new direction.

Investment dey important to grow di state

Economic growth for di state dey very important and di candidates agree say investment go help.

For sports, agriculture and textiles, di candidates tok say dem go set up systems wey go help investors come di state.

Disability no be curse

Access for pipo wey dey live wit disability na ogbonge mata and di candidates no cover face wen dem dey tok about di mata.

O'diakpo Obire of People's Progressive Alliance even tok say im go build school for pipo wey dey live with disabilities. Di other candidates also add say dem go make roads and buildings for di state accessible for dem.

Delta no go fit depend on oil forever

For di debate, a lot of di candidates share di same sentiments as pa oil. A lot of dem tok on ways wey dem fit use other means make money for di state.

Areas like agriculture na one of di contributions wey dem one bring come di state. Even audience member ask about Delta Steel Company and Obire tok say him go work with Federal goment try revive di industry.

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