BBC Governorship Debate: Seven tins you suppose know about Delta State

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Image example Pipo wey dress for cultural cloth for Delta State for August 2016

As di last lap of the BBC Pidgin Governorship Debate dey reach Asaba for Delta State, dis na seven tins wey you gats know about di state.

Seven sharp facts about Delta State

  • 1. Na part of former Bendel State (Middle-belt region of Nigeria)

For August 27 1991, former Nigeria Military Head of State, Ibrahim Babaginda carve di state out of former Bendel State wey join Edo and Delta state together.

  • 2. Asaba name come from Ahaba

Asaba na di capital of Delta State and di name come from Ahaba for di Igbo Enuani dialect wey come from Ahabagom. Di word mean "I have chosen well."

  • 3. Asaba na di home of di Royal Niger Company

Asaba wey be colonial capital of Southern Nigeria Protectorate na di place wey dem establish di Royal Niger Company, wey colonial pipo set up to do buy and selling to England. Di company don transform to UAC Nigeria Plc.

  • 4. Home of palm oil trade for di 19th century

For di late 19th century, Warri, one of di cities for Delta be di centre for Palm oil trade. Dem also start to sell other tins like rubber, groundnut and cocoa. Di growth make colonial pipo make am provincial headquarters.

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  • 5. Crude oil dey drive di economy

Delta State na one of di largest producers of crude oil for Nigeria and na di production and sale of petroleum products dey drive di economy.

  • 6. Production of Timber

Sapele, one of di towns wey dey di state, become di largest producer of timber for di whole of Africa for di 20th century. Dey big so tey di company wey dey produce di timber come be one of di biggest organisation for di state.

  • 7. Ogbonge pipo come from di state.

Plenti sports and entertainment pipo come from Delta State. Pipo like Stephen Keshi, Jay Jay Okocha, Omawumi, Bovi and Ali Baba dey call di state dia home.

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