Anglophone Crisis: Separatist fighters attack Govnor Okalia Bilai e convoy for kumba road, wound soldiers, journalist

A picture taken on July 10, 2018 shows burned busses at the bus terminal in Buea. - Gunfire broke out on July 9 in Buea, the capital of a western region of Cameroon gripped by violence between anglophone separatists and security forces Image copyright Getty Images
Image example No be di first time wey separatists fighters dey attack convoy for Anglophone Cameroon

Separatist fighters attack govnor for Southwest, Bernard Okalia Bilai e convoy wen deh go Kumba, wound soldier and journalist.

For number 11 day for February deh burn kumba district hospital, four pipo die, na for dis reason weh govnor Okalia Bilai bin go Kumba.

For encourage hospital staff and see de level for havoc afta fire burn parts for de hospital.

But separatist fighters attack e convoy two taims, wen deh di convoy di go and kam back for Muyuka and Mbalangui.

Tori pipo inside de convoy say some soldiers get wound, three dey for bad condition but govnor no get e any problem.

Deh separatists damage wind screen for one car weh deh bin check say govnor bin dey inside, instead na colonel get serious wound. Military source confirm say deh kill plenti fighters.

No bi de first taim weh separatists di attack governor, for 2018 den attack e convoy and one journalist get wound.

Image copyright Talla Christopher
Image example Pipo for Kumba district hospital afta Monday fire

US embassy wan transparent investigate for kumba hospital fire

Just now US Ambassador for Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin say make goment investigate dis burning for hospital, give results for kontri pipo and punish deh pipo weh deh burn de hospital.

Ambassador Barlerin say make all side lef humanitarian and health workers for helep population and make deh no di attack hospital, health workers or health centres.

Make all side for dis Anglophone crisis stop de fight and start dialogue wit no condition.

Human rights commission say make goment take security measures

Also Chairman for National Human Rights Commission, Chemuta Divine Banda also condemn de kumba hospital fire, say make goment do quick get result for investigate free pipo weh deh catch.

Banda regret say security no dey for some strategic places laik hospital, say make goment take measures for ensure security for pipo and dia property.

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