Valentine's Day: Wetin dey happun wen Politics and Valentine jam?

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Image example Love sweet wen politics nack am?

February 14 na last day for political campaigns for Nigerian even as di rest of di world go dey celebrate Valentine.

Again, Valentine's Day wey most pipo and kontries dey celebrate February 14 of everi year to show love no be something wey some countries want make dia citizens observe.

As Shakespeare dey tok "all dey fair for love and politics."

See knotris wey Politics jam Vals Day.


Wetin dey more important to Nigeria on February 14, 2019 na Saturday general election wen di kontri go choose new leader and lawmakers.

Anybodi wey bin dey chook eye wella for di 2015 election fit don forget say Valentine Day dat year as tori from Reuters be say INEC move di elections to March 28 on top dem dey reason security mata.

Na di election wey give Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari as presido, di fourth time wey im run for office.

South Africa Robben Island

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Di place wey dey very political on top Nelson Mandela wey spend most of im life for dia as prisoner but since 2000 e don change face wen dem host dia first mass wedding for di site.

Na di South African Department of Home Affairs, na dem start di tradition wey don cari couples from all ova di world go do small white chapel for di Island to marry.

Di organizers say dem dey pick pipo wey get ogbonge love tori.

Thailand 'magic vitamin'

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Image example Thailand dey use Valentine to fulfill policy to repopulate di kontri

For Thailand, civil servants dey for road dey give pre-natal medicine for Valentine day, because dem tink say e go help increase di number of pipo wey go born pikin for di kontri.

Wetin goment tok say na magic vitamins na just folic acid and irons dey inside.

Pakistan Court Ban

Dis one cosign wen law court plus religion jam head on top love mata.

Di High Court for Pakistan capital Islamabad bin ban public jolly of di day say nothing like dat for Muslim culture and na western invention.

Di court say make media no dey show events for Valentine and make dem celebrate am for public place or goment office dem.

Saudi Arabia black market rose

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Image example Saudis dey dodge enta Dubai to avoid wahala for Valentine

For dis day, Saudi Arabia religious police ear go stand like antenna against any celebration for di day.

Florist go dey do batman work for middle of night to deliver flowers and black market boku to wrap gift and sell roses.

Na why some citizens wey no like stress go just enta Bahrain or UAE for romantic holidey as those kontris no dey bone Valentine.

Indonesia Condom

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Image example Muslim students dey fight aginst Valentine Day for 2017

Authorities for some part of di kontri don ban students make dem no celebrate Valentine as e no dey part of cultural norms. For one city sef, dem use police scata wia dem keep condom or shop on dat day for 2017 but di mayor say dem go sell am on a low.

Tori be say some pipo think say di practice of Valentine Day dey make pikin dem wan sleep with each oda as per na Roman custom wey suppose help with fertility.

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