Cameroon don ban ‘use and troway’ napkins weh kontri di importam for pikin dem

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Cameroon goment don ban 'use and troway'napkin weh deh di importam from odas kontris laik France for seka say e fit cause problem for pikin dem.

Na afta meeting weh Trade Minister Luc Magloire Mbarga Atanga organise wit importers for dis use and troway napkin weh goment take decision for ban'am.

Goment say e wan shine eye for dis napkin from oda kontris before e open de market again.

Na Director for Standard and Quality Agency, Booto A Ngon Charles signal Trade Minister say use and troway napkin form France fit cause problems for pikin dem.

E say afta Sanitary Security Agency shine eye for de use and troway napkins, dey see say some material too much sotei pas normal level.

E note say de napkins dem no dey inside list for tins dey weh deh suppose check before deh importam and dis kana tin di put population for risk.

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