Black panther: Camera catch di animal wey scarce for Kenya

Black leopard wey dem capture for di wild Image copyright Burrard-Lucas Photography
Image example Man leopard wey im melanin dey pop wey camera capture for Africa, sabi pipo tink say e fit be di first time in 100 years wey dem go picture am

Black Panther dey everywhere in recent years - but no be everyday pesin dey carry eye see one of di animals wey dem name di ogbonge superhero afta for inside di wilderness of Africa.

Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas see am - and di tok na say dis na di first time anybody go fit take di foto of black leopard like dis for Africa in 100 years.

Na very-very few pictures of dis ogbonge animal wey dey secretive pesin go fit find.

Di Photographer wey take di picture Will, hear tori say one black panther dey Laikipia Wilderness Camp for Kenya, Will togeda wit im guide Steve come set Camtraptions wey be Camera traps afta dem sight some leopard tracks.

Image copyright Burrard-Lucas Photography
Image example Di leopard na man wey dme reason say fit dey around two years old

Will say im no first let im hope rise because no be today im dey set camera trap wey no dey show anything at di end of di day, and dem bin no sure say di tracks wey dem be dey follow na di one of black leopard or di normal one.

"I no dey let my hope rise, and afta di first days wey I no see any leopard I bin don begin reason say at dis rate I go even lucky if I even get di picture of di normal leopard wey get spots let alone di black one." Na so Will tok.

Na till di fourth day di camera catch something.

Image copyright Burrard-Lucas Photography
Image example Will leave im cameras for Kenya - im dey hope to capture more images like dis ones

Will no believe im eye.

"I no first believe immediately wetin I manage to achieve, because no be small tin at all.

"Usually, ontop dis camera dem, wit di flash, you go fit see di animal clearly. But because e blend well-well wit di night wey dark, all I fit see at di time na just di eyes wey stand out for di picture."

Di black leopard wey Will capture na man and based on im size, fit be two years old.

Tok full ground say black leopards bin dey live for di area but di tori bin no get beta picture to confam am.

"Collectively, na di first picture in nearly 100 years of black leopard for Africa, and dis region na di only area for all of Africa wey get am." Na so Nicholas Pilfold PhD, lead researcher for one leopard conservation program for Laikipia County tok.

Although tori pipo for Kenya, Daily Nation report say dem picture one animal like dat for 2013.

Image copyright Burrard-Lucas Photography
Image example When Will first look im camera all wetim im see na dis eyes wey dey look am ayan ya.

Why dem dey call dem black panther

According to Will, black panther na big cat wey im melanin, (black pigment) dey pop. You fit see am as albino but di oda way round.

In other word, depends on di region e fit be jaguar wey black, or for like Africa, leopard wey black, black panther na like di general name.

Will camera also capture normal leopard wey get spot wey im suspect say na di black leopard papa.

Image copyright Burrard-Lucas Photography
Image example Di papa?

You no need two black leopard to make one, but both di mama and papa of di leopard must carry di gene wey get melanin.

E hard to say how many leopards dey for East Africa because dem dey very secretive.

But inside dat number, di black ones dem dey exist.

Image copyright Burrard-Lucas Photography
Image example Dem no dey take eye see dis one everyday

Another thing we de for inside dis tori