Nigeria Elections 2019: How 19 million pipo wit disability fit affect di election

Wen Ibrahim Omotosho go im bank to withdraw moni from im account for Abeokuta, di Ogun State capital, South-west Nigeria, instead make im just enta di bank to do im transaction and comot, e see say im no fit.

Why? Di bank no get access for pesin wey get wheelchair.

Im mata come get k-leg as di security for dia bin no even give am chance till im come dey halla wit vex, den di bank management come arrange for am to enta from one door for side.

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter/@HeemOnWheels

Wetin we call dis foto,

Simple tins like to enta bank to collect moni dey give Ibrahim Omotosho headache

Omotosho dey see di kain wahala for normal tins wey im dey do as im dey hustle from day-to-day as im dey use wheelchair.

"Di way pipo dey do, wen dem dey see you dey roll down di road, dem fit throw moni at you, even wen you dress wella…like society dey treat us like second-class citizens".

Wen time to vote reach for Nigeria, e get one group of pipo wey dey see pepper sake of say tins no dey ground to allow dem get hand for di process. Dis na di pipo wey dey live wit disability.

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter/@HeemOnWheels

Wetin we call dis foto,

Ibrahim Omotosho

Even as Nigeria don pass di disability bill, many pipo wey dey live wit disability feel say na one tin to pass di bill and anoda tin to implement am wella.

Just tins like access for dia wheelchair to even poster wey pipo wey no fit see well go fit use na big issue for Nigeria. Even as (INEC) di Independent National Electoral Commission dey claim say dem dey support pipo wit disability, dis pipo no feel say anybody send dem.

Dem dey feel like say dem dey invisible.

And dis tok get style take true based on one report wey European Union arrange, dem tok say: "E no get any koko policy by political parties make dem show report on pipo wey dey live wit disability and how dem show to vote."

Dis one mean say even if pipo wey get disability vote, nobodi dey send dia mata; no correct data to record dem or tins to epp dem.

Wetin we call dis foto,

James Errica tok say to even get PVC no easy at all

Di Nigerians wey dey live wit disability reach like 19 million based on statistics by di (NPC) National Population Commission.

Even though no be all of dem register to vote or even don reach di legal age to vote, dis figure dey very important because e fit decide who go be winner for di general election wey go shele on February 23, 2019.

Omotosho tok say im no get (PVC) permanent voters card and dat one mean say im no go fit vote and so far, im neva vote before, so im neva get chance to be part of di political process inside Naija.

Well, shebi dem dey tok say election na game of numbers, if true true di politicians dey chook eye for way to get votes, may be time don reach for dem to support pipo wey dey live wit disability.

Producer: Abdulmalik Fahd and Sarah Tiamiyu