Buhari ballot box 'snatch and die' tok fit cause katakata for dis reasons

Nigerian army

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Tori be say di Nigeria military say dem ready to do wetin Buhari command dem to do to ballot box snatchers

Presido Muhammadu Buhari warning to any pesin wey dey plan to thief ballot box, dey make many wonda if e dey necessary.

Na on Monday 18 February Oga Buhari, for wetin im believe say na way to assure Nigerians say im and im party APC dey in support of fair elections, call on military to use strong hand deal wit anybody wey use force carri ballot box run.

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Buhari tok am for one meeting wey di main pipo for APC do and e no tey before pipo for home and abroad begin condemn di statement. Many feel say no be di kain tin wey president of kontri wey dey democracy suppose dey tok be dat. And if you check am well, e be like say dat im order no dey necessary.

INEC ban on weapon

Like two weeks ago, di electoral joinbodi INEC comot one new law wey ban weapons from polling stations dem across di kontri. In fact, INEC confam to BBC on Tuesday say dem get dia own security plan wit three stages inside am - and di first stage na for security pipo wey no carri weapons to tanda near everi polling station.

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So, unless di security wey oga Buhari don give order to no dey carri gun, dem no suppose near voting areas.

INEC already get im own law and order

INEC dey independent, and dem get right to make law wey go make sure say election mata no get gbege, and e dey free and fair.

One of those kain law na di two years for jail wey anybodi wey dem convict say e do ballot box snatching go collect.

Card readers and PVC

Before di electoral joinbodi INEC launch di use of card readers and permanent voters card (PVC) for di 2015 elections, one of di main ways for pipo to do mago-mago for elections na to carri ballot box run.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Afta INEC postpone elections, dem say all di card readers wey dey wit officials must return to base so that dem go prepare am again

Afta pipo don cast vote - roll di paper wey dem thumbprint ontop and chook am inside box - jaguda pipo from nowhere go show and before you fit say pim, ballot box don miss. Di politician(s) wey arrange di thief-thief go come comot di voting sheet inside di box, replace wit anoda one wey favour dem.

But di card reader and PVC mean say e go hard to change di number of voters as di card reader don already record am.

Jungle Justice

As president of di kontri, Oga Buhari no suppose dey dey give mind to military or even anybody, to use violence to handle mata wey court suppose fit handle. Di reason na say as human beings, pipo fit overdo or even do mistake. Tins wey most times dey bring human rights abuse.