Papa try smuggle im new pikin comot hospital because im no fit pay bill

Man wey dey carri pikin for hospital

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One man wey dem arrest afta im try to smuggle im small pikin comot hospital for Kenya because im no get moni to pay di $500 hospital bill don escape jail sentence.

Boniface Murage, 22, instead go get suspended three-month sentence, wey mean say im fit go house to go dey wit im pikin.

Na tori wey touch but also vex many Kenya pipo. Oga Murage attempt to smuggle im one-month-old pikin comot di Kenyatta National Hospital as im no pay bill but di security guards catch am.

Di next tin, pipo from all over di kontri rise say dem go epp di man - one lawyer say im go carri di man case for head and im no go collect moni, and well-wishers contribute to pay oga Murage hospital bill. Odas even say dem go dash am moni to take hold bodi.

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

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Well-wishers contribute moni to pay di pikin $500 medical bill

For court, di man plead guilty wit risk say im dey face jail sentence. But Magistrate Muthoni Nzibe release am, on condition say im no go commit anoda offence within three months time.