Cameroon football: 24 clubs dey inside union bad books


Wia dis foto come from, Eric Lebogo\Facebook

Wetin we call dis foto,

Eric Lebogo, goalkeeper, for Cameroon

Ma former club get for pay me three moons salary, but ah surprise say deh instead make ma contract long wen ah lef de club, na wetin Eric Lebogo wey na Cameroon league footballer tok.

Di former goalkeeper for Bang Bullet of Nkambe, na one of de players weh up to 24 football clubs for Cameroon no pay salary and bonuses for dia players since de last football season.

Eric Lebogo tell BBC News pidgin say e sign one year contract for Bang Bullet, and de only moni weh de club give e na FCFA 175,000 but e surprise for hear say ah bi get four year contract for de club.

"For free me de club take FCFA 200,000 from Panther of Nde anoda elite club and ah komot and ah no get any tin"

So now ah wan make de club pay me three moons salary, Ateba tell BBC News Pidgin.

But one official for Bang Bullet Football Club explain for BBC News pidgin say de player bin chakara e contract as e lef de championship half way.

"We no bi fit pay player weh e chakara de contract, lef de team before end of season. Al;so de accusation say we no pay match bonus na big lie", Bang Bullet official tok.

World join-bodi of football FIFA even no happy ontop di mata

"Make Fecafoot follow-up, take urgent measures for make sure say de 24 clubs pay de salary and bonuses for dis players as soon as possible as e dey for dia contracts", world football join bodi, Fifa tell Fecafoot.

Afta Fifa send dia warning, Cameroon Professional Football League komot release say deh FCFA 84 million dey for League 1 and 2 clubs for pay players dia salaries and bonuses.

De moni na first part of goment contribution for pay clubs dia salary. League 1 clubs go get FCFA 3 million and league 2 go get 2 million each, say make deh use'am well for pay players and technical staff.

Wia dis foto come from, FIFA

Wetin we call dis foto,


Ateba e case na one of de many cases weh make Cameroon footballers union SYNAFOC, president, Jeremi Sorel Njitap take de mata for international footballers union, FIFPRO,

Den FIFPRO notify world football body, FIFA and deh enta de mata, give Cameroon Football Federation until March 4 shine eye for de mata and make sure say deh pay players dia salaries and bonuses.

Fifa say Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot get duty for see say deh respects rights for players even if de president, Seidou Mbombo Njoya just take ova as new president.