#ArewaMetoo: Fakhuus Hashim say her uncle abuse her wen she dey young


Wia dis foto come from, Hashim

Fakhuus Hashim wey start di ArewaMetoo movement for Twitter wey dey aim to stop sexual abuse for northern Nigeria, say she suffer abuse wen she dey grow up and na why she dey push say make things change for her region.

Madam Hashim wey follow BBC Pidgin tok, say many pipo don give dem bad mouth, say dem wan disgrace northern Nigeria with di movement and some dey even threaten dem.

"Personally I also experience abuse and dis make me rally round to get pipo wey get experience like my own, because na we go understand wetin happun pass.

"Di only thing wey I go tok about my own experience be say na my close relative, an uncle and e happun wen I dey 6 years old.

"Tey tey, di issue of sexual abuse na one wey pipo no too dey discuss for northern Nigeria because dem dey feel say na disgrace but as di movement dey spread across di world, we all know say na mata of time before e reach dis side," she tok.

She say no be only for Twitter dia work go end as dem go do march for Kaduna State next week on di issue and dem don join hands with various NGO's wey go dey help pipo wey get experience of sexual abuse.

Im also yan say ogbonge sabi pipo for mental health don already get in touch wit some of di victims wey reach out on Twitter and don dey help dem to recover from wetin happun to dem.

On di issue of threats wey she don receive, she say na just verbal abuse from some pipo but na one particular pesin on Twitter take im own go far and dem don report am to security pipo wey dey investigate am.