Bernie Sanders presidency: Nigerians accuse CNN of 'double standards' for dema old men report

Bernie Sanders

Wia dis foto come from, EPA

Wetin we call dis foto,

Oga Sanders bin follow Hilary Clinton drag dia party ticket but im no win

Nigerians for social media dey accuse American broadcaster, CNN say dem get 'double standards' after Bernie Sander wey dey 77 years announce en presidential ambitions.

People say CNN be hypocrites sake of report dem publish say two old men dey contest for president of Nigeria, meanwhile dema own country get Bernie Sanders who old pass di two West African kontri presidential candidates.

Di CNN report wey dem caption "Di old men wey wan lead Africa's youngest population," make chaw Nigerians bore sake of dem feel say di race be open to many young people so eno right say di station go try den find issues with age of African Presidents.

Some people start dey talk say Bernie Sanders who chop 77 years now, by 2021 US elections he go dey 79 years which be more than Muhammadu Buhari 76 for di All Progressives Congress (APC), den Atiku Abubakar 72, who dey run on People's Democratic Party (PDP) ticket for Nigeria.

BBC News also report on di Nigeria elections which focus on di Godfathers in Nigeria politics, but di news no look at dema ages as CNN do.