Nigeria elections 2019: Shiite group protest as Nigeria foreign minister meet wit international community

IMN members wit dia placards

Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria do I-no-go gree go Nigerian Foreign ministry office to demand for di immediate release of dia leader Ibrahim El- Zakzaky wey don dey under arrest since 2015.

Dis one happun as goment bin dey hold meeting wit all di diplomats for di kontri to inform dem of di preparation for di Saturday election.

Di protesters say dem do am to inform di international community on top wetin di present goment dey do dia leader.

Di protesters including women and pikin dem hold posters dey sing freedom song for di gate area to call di attention of di diplomats.

Dem say di tori wey di fly about say di movement endorse president Muhammadu Buhari na lie say although dia movement neva give any instruction on top who to vote, dia members wey get PVC go vote and elect leader wey support dia course.

Nigeria goment assure diplomatic community of beta election

Meanwhile Nigerian goment don tell ambassadors wey dey serve for di kontri say make dem no panic as di kontri ready to do free, fair, and credible election.

Nigeria Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama na im give dem di assurance on Wednesday for Abuja.

Dis move na to clear every doubt wey fit dey di mind of all di diplomats and dia respective goment on top election mata for di kontri.

Oga Onyeama explain say goment no get hand for di postponement come draw ear give di diplomats say make dem stop to dey chook mouth on top how goment dey run di kontri.

Di INEC Chairman wey dey represented by Mustapha Aleki say all di sensitive materials dey kampe.

"From today we go collate and know di number of all di PVC wey pipo no collect and we go bank dem for CBN" Im explain.

But wen di diplomats ask weda di sensitive material go dey safe, di Police oga, Muhammad Adamu say security don dey ground kampe to protect both election materials and di personnel plus voters.

On top President Buhari order on top ballot box snatchers dem, e say even though police no go hold gun for polling booth, some wey go hold gun go dey far and gbab anybody wey wan snatch ballot box.

" We get intelligence say some pipo wan steal ballot box and if we get dem we go catch dem and prosecute dem' Im explain.