Daurawa: Na who dey punish di Hisbah oga for Kano?

  • Mansur Abubakar
  • BBC News Pidgin, Kano
Aminu Daurawa

Wia dis foto come from, BBC Sport

Hisbah oga for Kano, North-West Nigeria Sheik Aminu Daurawa say im no know who dey behind wetin happun afta some pipo remove everything wey dey im office, pursue im Secretary and lock di office with new key.

Oga Daurawa wey be di most respected Imams for di whole of Nigeria tell BBC Pidgin say im no know wetin happun.

Di incident happun afta one video go viral last week wey show Daurawa dey visit former Kano Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso wey first appoint am as Hisbah oga in 2011.

"I dey official leave and infact na today I travel go Saudi Arabia for lesser Hajj na im I hear wetin happun, I know di pipo wey do am and I no fit blame goment or any pesin, till I come back before everything go clear." Na so Daurawa yan.

Kano State dey practise Sharia law, sabi pipo reason say e go normal say one of di most important political positions for di state go be di Commander of Hisbah wey be oga kpata-kpata for sharia compliance for di state wey get 16.3 million pipo accordingto di 2006 census.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Hisbah na Islamic police wey dey chook eye ontop crime wey go against Islamic law

Dis development don cause plenti tok-tok for Kano because Daurawa na very big name wey muslims dey respect not only in Kano but across Nigeria and some African countries like Sudan.

Some pipo say na state goment dey vex with Daurawa after di video wey comot last week show am for former Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso house with some malams wey go pay homage.

But Kano state commissioner of information Muhammad Garba tell BBC Pidgin say goment no get hand for wetin dey happen to Daurawa.

"Na so we hear di news like everybody but di truth be say goment no get hand for wetin dey happun to Sheik Daurawa, we dey respect am as religious leader wey im be but if to say we wan sack am no be dis method we go use."

"Di fact say e go pay homage to former governor Kwankwaso or join Kwankwasiya movement no be our problem, as citizen e get right to enter politics. Make una( journalists) help us find out who do dis thing." Na so Garba tok.