Whatsapp wan begin let users do 'back to sender' for yeye group chat invite

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Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

One website wey dey announce Whatsapp features, www.wabetainfo.com don announce say di chatting app dey plan to add feature wey go let users control who dem fit add to groups and who dem no fit add.

One of di tins wey dey vex pipo on top Whatsapp na say anybodi fit add you to group chat without your permission, even if you no wan dey di group.

Whatsapp users don dey complain about am for some time now but complain no more because Whatsapp dey plan to bring solution.

Dis new setting wey go dey di privacy menu for Whatsapp, go give users options to accept group chat invites from everybodi (wey be di current setting), only dia saved contacts or nobodi at all.

Incoming invites go only dey active for 72 hours after which e go disappear.

Whatsapp neva tok wen di feature go dey available but special users wey get di test version of di app go fit begin see am now.