Nigeria goment don defeat Boko Haram?

Boko Haram

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Di Islamist militant group Boko Haram don dey active dey gbege pipo for north-eastern Nigeria for ova ten years now.

Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari tok say im goment don put Boko Haram activities under control since e enta office for 2015.

But im political opponents no agree wit wetin im tok. Dem dey claim say recently di situation don worse pass before both for di one wey concern di number of attack and kidnapping wey di group don do.

As Nigeria election dey come on di 23 of February, BBC Reality Check torchlight di different-different claims about di security situation for di kontri.

Di different-different claims

Nigeria former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, wey dey support di main opposition candidate, Atiku Abubakar, don criticise President Muhammadu Buhari record on top how im take deal wit Boko Haram.

"Di security situation don worse more-more wit kidnapping everiwia," Obasanjo tok for January.

But wetin President Buhari tink about di security situation dey very different. E tok say di goment don destroy di militants since 2015 for dia stronghold inside Borno State.

So wetin be di facts wey dey available concerning both di attacks against civilians and on top kidnappings?

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Wetin we call dis foto,

More than two million pipo na im Boko Haram don make loss dia home according to di UNHCR

Boko Haram attack don true-true reduce?

Insecurity and poor communications for village areas don make am dey hard for both for di goment and oda organisations particularly to look into di situation and dem no report many gbege wey happun.

Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics provide public access to economic, social and general security informate wey dem gada within Nigeria but one tok-tok pesin tell told BBC News say dem no dey collect informate about di activity wey Boko Haram don do.

But research wey di Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) do track informate through di monitoring of local media and oda reports.

From wia di number for high well-well for 2015 of more than 5,000, di number of number of pesin wey Boko Haram don kill don reduce to below 1,000 a year for di past three years.

Dis reduce na afta Nigeria goment trough di military tier rubber dia campaign against Boko Haram for 2015 wit international support.

Dem recapture large areas wey Boko Haram bin dey control before during dis campaign to fight di Islamist group.

So, President Buhari dey right to say killi-killi wey di militants dey do don reduce well-well since e enta office for 2015.

But all dis attacks neva end finish and oda ones still happun for di early weeks of 2019.

What about kidnapping?

Di Nigeria Security Tracker wey di Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), for Washington use, monitor kidnappings through local media reports.

Dis show say di number of kidnapping increase for 2014 and 2015, wen Boko Haram dey for dia strongest militarily.

But upon di say di number of kidnappings reduce for 2016, di level don rise since then, wit 310 wey dem report last year.

Kidnappings dey happun everiwia?

If you look di way kidnapping dey take happun across Nigeria, no be only Boko Haram wey dey di north-east of di kontri dey do am.

Kidnappings dey also happun for di southern Niger Delta region - but dis ones no connect wit Boko Haram.

If you check evri-evri, e be like Boko Haram attack for north-east of Nigeria dey reduce, in terms of dia fighti-fighti.

But as dat one dey reduce, kidnappings don increase though e no clear if dat one mean say di group don dey weak na im make dem dey go for softer targets.