Cameroon, stop for try civilians for military court Amnesty tok as court adjourn Maurice Kamto's case

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Wia dis foto come from, Maurice Kamto

Wetin we call dis foto,

Prof. Maurice Kamto, CRM party leader weh e dey prison

Prof. Maurice Kamto, Cameroon Renaissance Movement CRM party leader, candidate for 2018 presidential elections bin suppose appear before magistrate, but military court adjourn de case even before e start for number 26 day for February.

One of de lawyers for defence counsel, Ayah Ayah say magistrate officially inform dem for 10:30, say deh don adjourn de case because de file nova ready.

Cameroon authorities arrest Maurice kamto, CRM party leader and 131 supporters for January 28, wen deh komot for road for peaceful march.

Wen Kamto no win elections e say e go fight back as deh steal e win for election weh President Biya win for rule Cameroon for anoda seven years. Na so e start march for election hold-up and de last one weh deh arrest e na white march.

Amnesty international today say deh di fear say Maurice Kamto and 131 supporters go fit face death sentence.

Military court accuse dem of rebellion, hostility against the homeland, incitement to insurrection, offence against de president for republic, and destruction of public buildings and goods.

E bi wicked for Cameroon authorities for check for sentence Maurice Kamto to death just because yi and supporters take part for peaceful march.

Kamto na one of de pipo weh e wear one trouser wit authorities for dia mass arrest, Marie-Evelyne Petrus Barry, Amnesty West and Central Africa Director tok.

"Even as deh get dia right to freedom of expression and for gada peacefully, many opposition leaders di face trial for Cameroon for court.

We di call Cameroon authorities make de stop for kill critical voices and stop for try civilians for military court and e no good make dem face death penalty just because deh di express dia human right.

For number 19 day for February, some oda 15 opposition mimbas weh deh arrest dem for Yaoundé appear for military court and court say deh bin take part for protest weh authorities bin ban and deh adjourn dia case for February 25.

Amnesty West and Central African boss say make goment try for tolerate criticism and promote human rights.