2019 Senegal Elections: Four candidates di challenge Macky Sall for elections

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Voting don end for Senegal even as European Union Observer bin fear say multiple voting fit spoil de elections.

Helena Valentiana, head of EU observer mission say deh notice say deh no di control ink for finger as pipo di vote, say e bi important for check'am so dat make pipo no vote plenti taims.

One presidential candidate, El Hadji Issa Sall, observe na say deh move some voters far laik 27km from wusai deh suppose vote.

But Helena Valentiana say generally, de election dey fain, plenti polling unit open 95 percent di vote di go on fain

President Macky Sall afta vote hail de maturity for Senegalese pipo weh deh gada inside and outside de kontri for vote inside calm.

Wia dis foto come from, BBC/Alassane Dia

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Senegal na one kontri weh democracy don fain chair shiddon.

Who de contest?

President Macky Sall get four challengers as e di stand for de second term.

Senegal get young population wit average of 19 years and plenty go vote for de first taim.

Election campaign bin bi for February and candidates tour de tour to win de minds of 6.6 million votes.

President Macky Sall pin e programme for roads, airport, big infrastructure weh e wan complete 'am quick-quick for for develop de kontri.

But opposition candidates di check say Macky Sall nova do plenti for improve de lives for kontri pipo for Senegal.

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Macky Sall, President for Senegal

Three peaceful and democratic transition don be for Senegal, and deh nova get any coup d'etat since 1960.

All polling unit go publish dia results wen voting finish.

If no candidate get clear win the clear majority de kontri go do second round elections for march.