2019 Senegal Elections: Five tins weh voters suppose know

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Senegal election card

Senegal di elect president on Sunday 24 February, 2019.

Dis na five important tins wey voters get for know.

Hold your voters card

Before you go for polling unit, you get for hold voters and identity card.

E mean say before you get to don register make your name enta for voter's register, if you nova vote before or your registration don expire.

Verify if your registration nova expire from de date weh e dey inside.

Identify your polling unit

Your voter's card get all dis informate, name, centre, and number for voting unit.

Go early for polling unit

Vote di start fot 8:00am di end for 6:00pm.

E good for go early, because de line di eva long.

Attention, no inter-city waka

Make sure say you deh near de place weh you go vote by Saturday, because pipo no go komot from one town to anoda.

How for finally vote?

Once you dey for polling station, election agents go verify your name for voter's list den allow you take five ballot papers for all de candidates.

Den chose de paper for your candidate put for envelop den put'am for ballot box.