Alpha Lukau: Funeral companies wan drag 'resurrection pastor' for court

Resurrection, miracles, pastor

Wia dis foto come from, Alpha Lakau/Facebook

Wetin we call dis foto,

Alpha Lukau, di claim say e bring back dis man for life

Funeral directors for South Africa say deh go drag pastor Alpha Lakau for Alleluia International Ministries for court afta e trick dem for join e resurrection deal.

BBC report say Pastor Alpha Lakau nova make any comment since deh funeral directors tok dia mind afta de show for front church as e di perform miracle.

Pastor Alpha Lukau e tori start circulate for social media wit video as e di bring man back for life.

Just now de funeral companies, Kingdom Blue, Kings and Queens, funeral services and Black Phoenix say deh trick dem for join de resurrection game for kain-kain ways.

Deh put stickers form Black Phonix for dia motor for make'am show say deh rent services from dem.

Sometin no dey laik miracles, de Commission for Promotion and Protection of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission) bin tell South Africa's national broadcaster.

Plenti pipo and some religious bodies start for condemn fake pastors and de debate di go on for social media.

Since den #ResurrectionChallenge dey social media as pipo di jorop for die like for video for resurrection weh e di circulate.