Nigeria Presidential Election update: UK confam say INEC result dey authentic

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Goment of di United kingdom don confam say di result of di presidential election wey Nigeria join bodi ontop election mata di Independent National Electoral Commission release na confam one.

Di minister of State for Africa Harriet Baldwin tok dis wan insdie statement dem send to congratulate di winner of di election Nigeria president, Muhammadu Buhari.

"I offer my congratulation to President Buhari as im secure second term as Nigerian President."

"Di UK na long standing friend and partenr of Nigeria and di Nigerian pipo, and a stable and prosperous Nigeria wey benefit Africa and di world."

"Di Nigerian pipo don show say dme dey committed to democracy. Di result wey di election commission declare dey consistent wit di one wey di civil society Parallel Vote Tabulation process too collect."

"Along wit our international partners, di UK believe say di Nigerian pipo fit get confidence for di result." Na so Baldwin tok.

Baldwin also tok say dem know say Nigerians don raise concern ontop di conduct of di electoral process for di area of logistics and collation and intimidation of electoral officials.

Im encourage pipo wey dia belle no sweet dem about di outcome to follow di right channel to challenge di process and make dem do am peacefully.

Oga Baldwin also send condolence message give di families and friends wey lost loved ones for di election say no one suppose die inside process to exercise dia democratic rights.

Dis one dey come afta di civil society group, the Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth and Advancement YIAGA AFRICA wey observe di election also verify INEC result.

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