JKIA strike: Why passengers hang for Kenya main airports

Kenya Airports

Sojas na im begin to screen passengers on Wednesday for di Jomo Kenyatta Airport for Kenya as workers dey do strike action wey affect di kontri four main for airports around di kontri.

Dis order land six hours afta dem declare dia strike action wey dem tok say na because dme no like di idea say airport authority go collabo with di national carrier.

Image example Di strike stop work and na so flights cancel

Dis nata make dem don cancel pleti flights and postpone odas come need to book hotel for passengers wey dey stranded for di airports.

Infact, di heat and di mata bad sotay one woman wey dey outside di International terminal faint on top plenti heat.

No flight still don leave di airport even afta dem don dey clear passengers for boarding.

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