Kylie Jenner na di youngest billionaire for di world

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Image example Kylie Jenner na di youngest self-made billionaire of all time

Reality TV star and make up guru Kylie Jenner don become di world youngest self-made billionaire, according to Forbes billionaires' list.

Di youngest Kardashian family member dey make her money from her cosmetics business wey dey sell like hot cake.

Di 21-year-old na im get Kylie Cosmetics, di three-year-old beauty business wey make reach $360m last year.

She reach collect dis ogbonge accolade earlier dan di Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wey become billionnaire at di age of 23.

"I bin no expect anything. I no see am for future.

"But dis accolade sweet me for belle. Na nice pat on the back," Na so Jenner tell Forbes.

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Image example Jeff Bezos na still di number one and e still dey rich dey go

Di list wey Forbes release show say Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos still be di richest man for di world.

Im fortune na $131bn, according to Forbes, dis one go up by $19bn from 2018.

But di billionaire combined worth don fall from $9.1 trillion at $8.7tn.

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Image example Facebook share price wey fall don cut Mark Zuckerberg money

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wealth too join pipo own wey dey go down.

E drop by $8.7bn (£6.6bn) for di past year to $62/3bn, according to di Forbes list.

Of all di billionaires ontop di list, only 252 na im be women, and di richest self-made woman na real estate mogul Wu Yajun of China, wey worth like $9.4bn.

Di number of self-made women reach 72 for di first time, e go up from 56 from one year ago.

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