R Kelly cry ontop TV as im deny sex abuse accuse

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American R&B star R Kelly cry and vex as im deny di accuse of sexual abuse ontop im head inside im first TV interview since dem arrest am last month.

"I no do dis tin. Dis no be me," na so Kelly tell tori pipo CBS This Morning, wia im add say im dey "fight fot im life".

Dem arrest Kelly for Chicago, charge am wit 10 counts of serious criminal sexual abuse wey involve four alleged victims, three of dem na underage di time dem say e happun.

Im plead not guilty to all di charge dem before dem release am on bail.

If dem find am guilty, e fit face up to three to seven years in prison for each crime.

Di case dey follow di 2002 trial wia Kelly bin face 21 counts of child pornography from sex tape with one girl wey dem say be underage.

Di judge eventually conclude say dem no fit prove say di girl wey dey di tape na underage. Dem conclude say Kelly no dey guilty of all di counts.

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Image example Dem arrest Kelly for Chicago for February, charge am wit 10 counts of serious criminal sexual abuse

Kelly tell di CBS news reporter Gayle King say dem use dat trial as basis for dis new accusations.

"Dem dey go back to di past and dem dey try to add all dis tins now to dat one, to make am all of di tins wey dey happun now feel real to pipo," Na so Kelly tok

Kelly also deny accuse say wey come out from di Surviving R Kelly documentary say im keep women against dia will, seize dia phones, monitor dia food and deny dem access to dia families.

"E go stupid for R Kelly, wit all wetin my eye don see, to hold somebody against dia will

"Use your common sense," Im tok as im face camera.

"Forget di blogs, forget how you fell about me. Hate me if you want, love me if you want, But use your common sense."

"How stupid e go be wit my crazy past and wetin I don go through to say, 'Oh right now, I just tink say I wan be monster, I wan hold girls against dia will, chain dem for my basement?"

"Quit playing, quit playing," Im tok as im begin to cry, "Dis no be me."

"All of una dey try to kill me? Na so Kelly tok.

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Image example Lizzette Martinez na one of di women wey accuse R. Kelly for di documentary 'Surviving R Kelly'

Di CBS reporter speak to Kelly for 80 minuites for di interview on Tuesday 5 March.

Dis na di highlights:

Kelly admit say im done do "plenti wrong tins wen e come to women" but "I apologise inside those relationships at dat time".

Im say im own experience of sexual abuse wen im be pikin no affect in behaviour as adult.

"I need help," Kelly tell King. "I need pesin to eppme so I no go get big heart, because my heart big sotay, pipo dey betray me and I dey forgive dem everytime."

King don also interview two women Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage whocurrently dey relationship with Kelly.

One preview clip show Clary wey be 21, dey cry as she defend di star.

Image copyright CBS
Image example Kelly say Azriel Clary (left) and Joycelyn Savage na im girlfriends

"I dey cry because una no know di truth," she tok. "Dis na all lie-lie for money." She tok.

Meanwhile her parents Alice and Angelo Clary don issue statement wia dem condemn di star say im dey hold dia pikin against her will.

Dem say Azriel suffer serious mental abuse for R Kelly hand for years, say e also possible say she dey suffer symptoms wey similar wit Stockholm Syndrome, wia di victim go start to dey develop feelings for di pesin wey capture am.

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