Lagos Island Building Collapse: Pikin dem, odas still trap inside building

Rescuers don begin rescue di school children wey dey inside di building.

One three storey building don collapse for Itafaaji, Lagos Island.

E never dey clear how many pipo still trap inside but tori be say one primary school dey di building plus oda residential apartments and shops wey dey di building too.

Pipo wey take eye see as e happun tell BBC Pidgin say dem don rescue reach 50 pipo from di building.

Authorities never confam weda anybody die inside.

Emergency and rescue services like health workers and fire service dey di scene of di incident.

How tins be for General Hospital

Pipo plenti for hia dey wait to see if dia pesin or pikin dey among pipo wey ambulance dey carry com hospital from di building wey collapse.

As we reach di hospital one ambulance just dey bring pesin come but when we look no pikin dey inside di ambulance.

One man wey identify himself as medical director tok say make we give dem chance to work as na emergency situation and dem still dey receive pipo from di building wey collapse.

We eye still dey dis tori wey just land and we go bring una more as e dey comot. Make una load di page again to see di full tori.

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