Kano Governorship Election Re-run : Area pipo gbab two women and men wey dey 'buy' PVC

Police wit area pipo
Image example Police say dem save two women and men from di hands of area pipo wey gbab dem

Police for Kano state, North-West Nigeria, don arrest four pipo wey dey go round Gama for Nasarawa local goment wia rerun election go happun on 23rd March dey buy PVC from voters.

According to statement wey Police tok-tok pesin DSP Abdullahi Haruna release on Wednesday, pipo for di area don already gbab di suspects and ready to lynch dem before policemen rescue dem.

"On Wednesday we arrest two women and two men wey dey go round Gama for Nasarawa dey buy PVC from pipo wey suppose vote for di rerun election. After our investigation, we go charge them to court accordingly." Dis na wetin DSP Haruna yan.

One of di suspects Halima Abba tell Freedom Radio say na one popular politician for Kano hire dem to go round Gama to buy di PVCs.

"Na di politician hire us and presently I don buy five, I buy two five five hundred and di oda 3 one one thousand before Police arrest me."

Kano na one of di six states wey rerun election go shele on March 23rd and pipo wey dey di state dey eager to see who go be dia next Governor.

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