Six reasons why buildings dey collapse

Pikin dem from Lagos school trapp inside Image copyright Reuters
Image example Pikin dem from Lagos school trapp inside

Afta one building collapse for Lagos south west of Nigeria kill at least 11 pipo including some school pikin dem wey dia school dey for di top floor, we dey look some of di reason dem why dis kain bad thing dey happun for some some African kontri dem.

E no reach three days afta di storey building for Ita-Faaji enta ground wey anoda one, dis time for Ibadan, Oyo State, also collapse on Friday 15 March.

Dem still dey investigate wetin cause di Lagos Island building to collapse but engineers don tell us some of di common problems.

1. Di foundation too weak

Correct foundation dey expensive.

Dem fit cut up to half of di price of di building, dat na wetin professor of civil engineering Anthony Ede for Covenant University for Ota, Nigeria tok for 2016.

Im say before you set any foundation you must consider two things - how di soil be and wetin go dey inside di building.

For Lagos, ground wey be like poto-poto wit water, need strong foundation pass place wey di ground strong kakaraka.

But im say pipo wey dey build house go save di money wey dem suppose spend ontop foundation when dem dey build for poto-poto area for Lagos and dat na why many building don collapse for di city.

Even for places dem wey di ground strong, di foundation need to strong well-well for di load wey e go carry.

For di four-storey building wey collapse for Rwanda for 2013, kill six pipo one of di reasons dem wey investigators give na bad foundation.

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Image example Dem rescue more dan 30 pipo from di building wey collapse for Nyagatare, north-eastern Rwanda for 2013

2. Di building materials dem no strong

Hermogene Nsengimana from African Organization for Standardisation tok for 2016 say material dem wey no go fit hold di load na im some builders dey use, as im join body meet for Nairobi to discuss why so many African buildings collapse.

Im tok say e be like say market dey wey dem dey make fake materials dem im even say sometimes na scrap metal dem dey use instead of steel.

Image copyright EPA
Image example Building collapse for Nairobi kill at least 33 pipo for Nairobi 2016

When one six-storey building for Uganda capital Kampala collapse for April 2016, di director of di city authority bin suggest say na fake material dem use for di construction, according to tori pipo Ugo news site.

3. Workers dem dey make mistake

Even when dem give di workers correct materials to make concrete, dem fit no mix am well na wetin oga Ede tok.

Di concrete no go dey strong enough to carry di load.

Im accuse di builders say dem cut cost as dem dey employ workers wey no sabi sake of say dem cheap pass di builders wey dem train well-well.

Dis na one of di reason wey Henry Mwanaki Alinaitwe and Stephen Ekolu wey be civil engineers tok say cause one building to collapse for Uganda for 2004.

Dia research show say di workers dem no understand how to mix di concrete well. Dem say pipo use wheelbarrows instead of measuring gauge to measure cement.

Di five-storey BBJ new hotel collapse as dem dey construct am and kill 11 pipo.

Nigeria building collapse

  • 199 pipo die inside Nigeria for four building dem wey collapse between 2014 and 2016, according to di Nigeria Building and Road Research Institute.
  • 2012: 33 building collapse inside Lagos and 22 for inside Abuja, according to housing ministry figure
  • 2013: 17 building collapse for inside lagos and 20 inside Abuja
  • 2014: 13 building collapse inside Lagos and two for Abuja
  • More than 54 cases of collapse building na im dem record for 2017 for inside Nigeria
  • Dis latest one na di fourth one so far inside 2019

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