Cameroon market don burn again damage cargo but no man die

Cameroon market fire

On di evening of Friday, 15 March, fire catch for Congo market for Douala, Cameroon economic capital, and damage plenti cargo weh e fit reach plenti millions but no man no die.

Na de second taim in three weeks weh Congo market di burn and just now deh nova know weti start de fire.

But some market pipo di check say na de kana way weh deh pass-pass electric ropes dem for de market di cause de fire plus de stores weh deh build with plank.

Afta weh Congo market catch fire de first taim, Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji bin go give some moni for wipe tears for de market pipo dia eye.

Deh try for evaluate de damage and how for build market weh e no go catch fire again.

Inside two moons for Douala fire don catch for six market dem and business pipo dem loss plenti.

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