Tibor Nagy say e tok human rights, correct shiddon tok wit President Biya

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Image example President Paul Biya and Tibor Nagy for di meeting

Tibor Nagy, US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs afta meeting wit president Biya say e encourage make president Biya end violence, follow correct shiddon tok for Northwest and Southwest regions.

Tibor write dis wan na for e tweeter handle but wen e komot for Etoudi e tok bin bi na about business and how for create job dem for Cameroon pipo.

De US diplomate also say dey tok bilateral relations, security support and human rights situation for Cameroon with president Biya.

Tibor also meet wit Minister for External Relations, Mbella Mbella and deh also tok about opposition leader Maurice Kamto e arrest, freedom for tok, and gada.

Mr African kam Cameroon just some days afta de state department komot dia 2018 human rights report weh e describe how goment and separatist forces di violate human rights.

Deh tok torture, how pipo di disappear, punishment, arrest and bad prison conditions, no freedom for gada, burn pipo for house, hate speech and oda tins.

Before dis visit Mr African e tok no be sweet Cameroon goment e belle.

Goment vex wen Tibor say deh no di handle Anglophone crisis for correct way for find solution and say make goment free opposition leader Maurice Kamto weh e dey for jail for political reason.

Goment say na dia family mata and America no suppose for chuck e mop inside.

Tibor also put e taim for business as e visit ebony factory Crelicam, American company weh e di employ 60 kontri pipo dem.

Crelicam plant weh na subsidiary for Taylor Guitars na de leading manufacturer for acoustic guitars for America.

Wit US Ambassador for Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin, Tibor tour de ebony processing company weh na Cameroonians di operate am.

De see de tins weh deh make am laik Taylor Guitars, knives, cutting board, violins and also nursey wusai de company di plant tree for replace de ebony saplings weh deh di cut.

Tibor also tok business for Chamber of commerce for Douala wit business pipo, find way for make business between Cameroon and America for grow.

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