Cyclone Idai: Water don swallow big area come kill hundreds of pipo for Mozambique

Destruction wey Cyclone Idai cause Image copyright AFP
Image example People dey search for survivors among for Ngangu township Chimanimani, Manicaland Provincefor eastern Zimbabwe

50km (30 mile) of land dey under water for Mozambique according to charity Save The Children afta cyclone Idai hit di kontri.

Di flooding happun afta River Buzi bank burst and water overflow.

Mozambique, President Filipe Nyusi say, di number of pipo wey die from Cyclone Idai wey land for di port city of Beira on Thursday fit don reach 1,000.

Neighbouring Zimbabwe and Malawi also feel di impact of di cyclone.

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Image example Pipo carry dia property for head for Paraia Nova, Beira

According to Mozambique goment, 600,000 pipo dey affected and 100,000 need urgent rescue near Beira.

Sabi pipo dey warn say water fit swallow Buzi town wey dem estimate say more dan 2,500 pikin dem dey in 24 hours.

For Zimbabwe, goment say 98 pipo don die and more dan 200 dey miss.

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Image example One man find blanket among tins as e dey find im daughter wey miss for Ngangu township

'Worst weather-related disaster'

President Emmerson Mnangagwa say goment dey conduct rescue missions, dey supply food.

United Nations say di storm fit be di worst weather-related disaster wey go ever ever hit di southern hemisphere.

At least 1.7 million pipo dey di direct path of di cyclone for Mozambique and 920,000 don dey affected for Malawi, according to UN.

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Image example Praise Chipore, 31, dey recover for hospital for Chimanimani

For Zimbabwe 98 pipo die and 217 still dey miss.

Flood wey happun for Malawi sake of rain fall before di cyclone land di kontri kill at least 122 pipo.

UK goment say dem go support Mozambique and Malawi with $8m.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Pipo climb trees to escape

How Beira damage bad reach?

Beira na di number four biggest town for Mozambique and all di pipo wey don die so far na from around di area.

More dan 1,500 pipo wunjure sake of trees wey fall, house wey scata, na so officials for Maputo tell BBC.

Image copyright IFRC/CAROLINE HAGA
Image example Red Cross do air surveillance of how bad di situation be for Beira on Sunday

One UN worker tell BBC say evri building for Beira city wey bin get reach 500,000 pipo don destroy.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Pipo climb roof to save themselves for Beira, Mozambique

Gerald Bourke wey dey work with UN World food programme say, no buildings wey di storm no affect. Light no dey, telephone no dey work, evriwia for street electric pole scata for ground.

Plenty pipo don lose dia house.

Alberto Mondlane, di govnor of Sofala province wey Beira dey inside say, "di calamity affect almost evritin."

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