Inside Benue IDP camps wia women dey born for ground

  • Dooshima Abu
  • BBC News Pidgin, Abuja
Wetin we call dis Video,

Horor of childbirth for Benue IDP camp

18 year-old Mwuese lie down for bed weak, wit pain for all her body.

Doctor say she no go ever fit born pikin like normal woman because her vaginal wall don collapse and her womb dey push out.

For ten months she no get any medical help for di Daudu IDP camp for Benue State, north central Nigeria wia she dey live. Day turn to weeks and weeks to months, her condition dey worse dey go.

"My belle dey pain me and den my womb go dey push out."

"E be like say na worm or living tin dey pinch or bite my bum bum," she tell our reporter for her tiv dialect.

At seventeen wen Mwuese born, she no get any medical epp because all di IDP camps no get beta health facility.

woman di fetch water Daudu camp one
Wetin we call dis foto,

Na for holes like dis pipo dey get water for some of di camps

She live daily for pain and almost die before one NGO discover am cari am go hospital and now she dey wait for operation.

Her reality na daily experience of many women like her for camp as many of dem dey born for ordinary floor of dia room or bathroom.

Dis women, men, pikin dem, old and young, na di thousands of pipo wey katakata between herdsmen and farming communities, don force from dia villages enta camps.

One report by di International Displacement Monitoring Centre say as at June 2018, di number of pipo wey katakata for Nigeria north central region kill na 1,300 and 300,000 run from dia house.

Rivers flooding
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Heavy flood bin also affect Benue for 2018

Ngobe Paka bin just give birth to her first pikin for ground for Abagana camp one hour before BBC pidgin reporter visit di area.

Blood stain bin still dey ground just steps away from wia di pikin dey sleep for mat wit no cloth to wear except for di wrapper wey cover him bodi.

"I suffer well well afta I born. For two hours di placenta refuse to comot," she explain.

Di local birth attendant, Regina Ojume say di women dey born for camp because dem no get moni to go hospital.

"Di small clinic wey dey here, dem no fit handle some sickness," she explain.

Na Doctors without Borders epp establish am
Wetin we call dis foto,

Di only hospital wey dey na to provide dem small small drugs

Di general health situation for di various IDP camp for Benue state no good at all.

Pikin dem, mama and old pipo na dem di suffer di situation pass.

"We dey wait for help"

More than 400 pipo na dem run from dia ancestral homes because of di herdsmen katakata for Benue State.

Dem scata around nine IDP camps for di state but dia living condition no good.

Wen rain di fall e dey wash dia belongings
Wetin we call dis foto,

Wen rain di fall e dey wash dia belongings

Di pipo no get medical attention because clinic no dey.

Di only one wey dey ground now na di one by Doctors Without Borders and dem don stop to cari women go hospital because of di cost.

Some of di pikin dem no di go school since dem run from dia village
Wetin we call dis foto,

Some of di pikin dem no dey go school since dem run from dia village

Who suppose take care of di IDPs?

Di oga patapata for Benue State Emergency Agency, Emmanuel Shior say initially di goment and oda health officials bin provide ambulance wey di cari di women dem go hospital, but las las e come pass dia power. E fear say di situation go even worse now wey some UN agencies dey leave di state.

Wen we ask goment tok-tok pesin, Terve Akase on top di mata, e say na oga Shior get di final say. Oga Shior accuse di National Emergency Management Authority say dem abandon di pipo but NEMA oga for north central, Eugene Nyelong say dat one na lie and say Benue goment no tell dem say di pipo get health wahala.

Dis woman di prepare food as she wait for goment epp
Wetin we call dis foto,

Women dey cook for open space

As e be for di camp now, many women like Mwuese go remain victims, wit no clear future for dem and dia pikin wey dem dey born.

Helen Teghtegh wey di work wit di IDPs dem say no woman suppose go through dis kain pain to born pikin. She say both di federal and state goment must do something fast to epp di IDPs dem on top hospital mata if not, plenti women go die and disease go spread for di camp.