Di community for Lagos wey 'Mai Ruwa' dey run tins
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World Water Day: Di community for Lagos wia 'Mai Ruwa' dey run tins

According to di United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, Poor access to correct water and sanitation na still major problem for Nigeria and na major tin wey dey cause di death of children under di age of five for di kontri.

Di use of water wey no dey clean and poor sanitary situation dey cause water-borne disease like diarrhoea wey dey lead to di death of more dan 70,000 children under five every year.

Ebute Ilaje for Bariga Lagos, South west Nigeria na one of di comminities for Nigeria wey no get access to beta water.

Image example Ebute Ilaje na riverine slum for Lagos

Ebute Ilaje na riverine slum community and most of di pipo wey dey live dia dey depend on water vendors, wey pipo dey call Mai Ruwa, wey mean water seller for Hausa to get dia water.

BBC Pidgin enta di community to take eye see how dem dey take manage wit di water problem.

Abdullahi na Mai Ruwa wey don dey do di business for 12 years, im tell BBC Pidgin say im dey use di business survive and take care of im family for Lagos.

Image example Abdullahi dey use di business feed im family wey dey Sokoto

Usman sef, wey dey make im own living dis way, say im dey charge between 300-400 naira to deliver 12 Gallons of water every day to different households for di community.

Im tok say even though im no get way to purify di water, some of im customers still dey drink di water.

Image example Di Mai Ruwa no dey purify dia water

One organisation dey try epp di situation dia.

Di Health Team of di Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative of the US Consulate, Lagos (CYFI) tok say dem wan work wit di Mai ruwa dem, teach dem how to dey purify di water wey dem dey go fetch make everybody for di community fit get beta water.

Video Journalist: Sarah Tiamiyu

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