#FreeOurGirls: Pipo dey draw ontop Burundi president face for Twitter to support three school girls

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Plenty pipo for social media dey draw ontop Burundi president Pierre Nkurunziza pishure to show dia support for three schoolgirls wey fit go prison sake of say dem draw ontop di president pishure for dia textbook.

Pipo dey dey use hashtag #FreeOurGirls, to take share pishure of President Pierre Nkurunziza with wigs, moustaches and cowboy hats dem.

Campaign group Human Rights Watch say dem arrest three school girls wey dey face accuse say dem insult di head of state.

Di girls go dey prison until court hear dia matter.

Di agency also tok say na seven school children wey di authorities dem bin arrest, but four of dem, including one 13-year-old, don dey free.

Tori be say di three girls wey dey prison neva reach 18 years.

Last week, HRW director for Central Africa Lewis Mudge say di papa of one of di girls tok say "dem dey fear to chop".

"With plenty plenty crime wey dey happun for Burundi, e dey sad say children na di ones wey dem dey prosecute sake of say dem draw Jaga-jaga na wetin oga Mudge add put.

"Make Authorities dem hold pipo wey commit serious right issue instead to put school children for prison. "

If court find dem guilty di girls fit face up to five years for prison.

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