Trump border wall: Pentagon don approve $1bn for US-Mexico border wall

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Image example President Donald Trump tweeted that he had signed the bill re-opening the government

Pentagon; di US Department of Defence don approve one billion dollars wey America go use build di US-Mexico border wall.

Dis moni na di first batch of funding under di national emergency wey America President Donald Trump bin declare afta im decide to snub US lawmakers approval to build di border wall wey im bin promise to build during im election campaign. Democrats bin protest against di move.

Trump don tok say di situation of tins for di border dey very serious and im insist say na physical barrier dem go fit use stop tiff pipo to dey enta US.

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Inside statement wey di federal law cite, di military get di authority to build roads and fence to block international boundaries for US to stop any kolobi of drugs.

But di Democratic senators complain say di Pentagon no ask for permission from di correct committees before dem authorize transfer of di moni.

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