How NYSC corpers fit get di free laptops and phones wey EU wan dash dem

Phone and laptop Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Even phone and printers follow for wetin EU wan take appreciate NYSC members

Di European Union don announce plan to dash dia equipment to NYSC members wey work during di 2019 general elections for Nigeria.

Dis equipment - like mobile phones, laptop computers and printers - na di ones wey di EU demsef use for dia election monitoring work and now dem wan take am appreciate corpers wey do temporary work (ad-hoc staff) or do voter education work for for dia "contribution and sacrifice".

Any NYSC member wey dey interested need to send in entry ontop social media: Instagram and Twitter.

How to enter

Dis na wetin EU dey ask from corpers wey wan collect dis awoof equipment

  • Upload photo of yoursef wey show you dey do di ad-hoc staff work or voter education work
  • Also add video wey no pass 30 secs wia you go say why you choose to volunteer
  • Send dis material as message to dem ontop Twitter or Instagram on @EUinNigeria
  • Tag am wit #EU4DemocracyNG

EU say di deadline na 3 April, 2019 and dem go from dia choose who deserve to win.

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