Audu Ogbeh, Nigeria minister for Agriculture say 'Nigerians dey import pizza from London'

Audu Ogbeh tok say Nigerians dey import pizza from di abroad Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Audu Ogbeh tok say Nigerians dey import pizza from di abroad

Audu Ogbeh, don dey cause small confuse inside im kontri pipo head sake of say im tok say "Nigerians dey import pizza from London".

Di Nigeria minister of agriculture tok dis one wen im show for di senate committee on Agriculture for Abuja na wetin The Cable dey report.

Im bin dey dia to defend di agriculture ministry budget for 2019.

Ogbeh follow tok say e dey "very annoying" di kain way Nigerians dey import tins from di abroad.

Based on the tori wey dey The Cable, di minister follow yan say di pipo wey dey place order dey arrange make e land for morning, through British Airways aeroplane and dem go carry wake enta airport to collect am.

'Importation dey dabaru our economy'

Ogbeh also drop accuse say di pipo wey import pass inside Nigeria be di biggest enemies and dem dey dabaru di economy and di hustle of pipo wey dey produce tins locally.

Im say international business pipo dey import tins like toothpick, sugar, vegetable and even pencil.

Abdullahi Adamu, di chairman of di committee, follow complain ontop di high importation of fruits and vegetables, and say make di federal goment face di mata, na wetin The Cable report.

Di BBC dey try see if dem go get comment from Oga Ogbeh ontop di mata.

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