South Africa meet wit African Ambassadors over attack on foreigners

Foreigner wey wunjure for xenophobic attack Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Attacks against foreigners wey dey black common for South Africa

South Africa International Relations Minister Lindiwe Sisulu don call for urgent meeting wit African ambassadors to discuss fresh attack against foreign nationals.

Dis week alone at least two attacks don break out for di city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

South African goment don already condemn di attack against immigrants - wey dey common for di kontri.

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Sisulu tok say South African citizens suppose welcome fellow Africans and dia business because oda kontris dey welcome dem without problem.

For statement on Saturday‚ Sisulu say she dey concerned and she call on law-enforcement officers to deal wit criminals wey dey damage properties of foreigners.

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Di meeting wey di minister call for go focus on how ambassadors and South Africa goment fit work wit communities to encourage peace and padi-padi.

KwaZulu-Natal police bin confam incident wey happun on Sunday 24 March don lead to violent attack on many immigrants, wia dem destroy dia shops wey no belong to citizens.

Some days afta, anoda attack happun on Tuesday tok police spokesperson Thulani Zwane and by Wednesday tori be say around 300 foreign nationals don go hide inside one mosque for Durban, according to one AFP tori photographer.

For 2008 na like 60 pipo die, while for 2015, e reach five pipo wey die and many business destroy for serious xenophobic attack against black migrants for di kontri.

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