South Africa xenophobia: 10 years of attacks on foreigners

Xenophobic attack don take di life about 116 Nigerians for South Africa Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Xenophobic attack don take di life of about 116 Nigerians for South Africa since 2016

South Africa dey follow meet wit ambassadors from Africa kontris on Monday to find way to cool tension of xenophobic attacks wey don start again.

On Monday 1 April, di attacks on foreigners for di city of Durban go be di main mata for meeting between South Africa minister of international relations Lindiwe Sisulu and ambassadors from African kontris.

Dis dey come afta some South Africans wey dey vex pursue many pipo, mostly from Malawi, comot dia house and loot dia shops. But as e be so, dis na mata wey don dey ground tey-tey and don dey pass be careful.

Xenophobia for South Africa

Xenophobia na di fear-fear or dislike of foreigners from oda kontris. And while pesin fit argue say almost every kontri get xenophobia - at least wit some citizens - no oda kontri in recent history don nack am for forehead like South Africa.

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Kontri wey most of dia black citizens, for more than 40 years, suffer oppression from di minority white population rule, (wey dem dey call apartheid) don turn around to begin oppress odas too.

But dis time, na from black South Africa pipo wey no gbadun say black African foreigners dey live and work inside dia kontri.

Di black South Africans wey dey involve for dis xenophobia attacks claim say black foreigners dey tiff work from dem, or dey bring corruption come dia kontri. Dis for dem na reason for wetin dem dey do.

For di last 10 years, many black foreigners from kontris like Nigeria, Zambia and Malawi - to name small of dem - don lose dia lives to attacks from pipo wey dem see as neighbours. Odas don see dia small business wey dem build from nothing, burn down before dia eyes.

Despite how di South Africa goment don condemn dis kain attacks, and catch some wey don dey behind am, e still dey happun from time to time.

May 2008

May tori pipo describe Johannesburg as "war zone" inside xenophobia attack wey kill at least 62 and make about 6,000 homeless.

Di mata serious so tey di police say dem arrest more than 200 pipo for crime like murder, rape and robbery.

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"We no dey tok xenophobia now, we dey tok about criminality," police spokesman Govindsamy Mariemuthoo bin para tok.

Na Zimbabwe pipo dis attack target pass, but some Nigerians also dey affected for cities like Cape Town.

March 2012

Although violence no enta di mata, South Africa bin apologise to Nigeria say dem deport 125 Nigerians back ontop dia yellow fever certificate wey dem suspect say na fake.

Nigeria bin don accuse South Africa say dia action na xenophobia but dem reject di accuse.

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At one point one Nigeria airline, Arik Air, retaliation, cancel all dia flight to South Africa.

"We wish to humbly apologise to dem, and we don do am," South Africa Deputy Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ibrahim bin tok.

April 2015

For di port city of Durban, violent attack break out, kill at least five foreigners afta Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini tok say make migrants return to dia kontri - comment wey im later say pipo mistranslate.

Some South African citizens use di king statement to ginger demsef to attack at least 250 foreigners, many from DR Congo. Dem also destroy and tiff from shops wey foreigners bin get.

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Thousands of African migrants run comot dia house to go stay for police station, some go sport field

One local tori report say at least three pipo die and one Somali shop attendant dey critical condition. South Africa police arrest 17 pipo and even charge one pesin to court for murder.

August 2018

According to police for di Soweto town, three pipo die during violence wey target shops wey foreigners get. Many of di pipo dem target na migrants from Somalia.

Tori be say di gbege start afta one Somalia shop owner shoot one South African teenager die, wey bin try to rob am for shop.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Dem rob and scata and tif from di shop of dis Ethiopian

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