Mother's Day 2019: Tins wey only African mama fit use show her pikin love

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One African proverb tok say, "Mama na like palm kernel, wahala fit bring am down but she strong pass dem."

We wan use dis 2019 Mother's Day tok wetin mama dem dey do on daily basis to show say dem love dia pikin.

Mother's Day na celebration wey dey happun for March or May to celebrate mama dem and dia role for society.

Dis na wetin mamas dey do to prove dia love mostly for Africa:.

Wen she ask you weda you go chop afta you chop cane.

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E mean say she don forgive you for wetin make am flog you.

Dat time as you dey chop, na im you go learn beta life lesson about how your actions fit end up for front.

Na also way to make you know say she like you as only mama fit.

Mamas always dey say, "if I no teach you like dis, no pesin for outside go fit teach you."

Wen she give you eye say make you no collect sometin from stranger

She dey try protect you from wetin fit happun afta you collect am, most especially if na sometin to chop.

Di truth be say she no want make you sick or make anytin do you or she wan at least teach you teach you lesson ontop greed and not to eat anyhow.

No worry, she go always use style to replace wetin you tink say you loose.

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Image example We dey celebrate Mother's Day for all di bata mama for world

Wen she bring owambe food come house

Di party no dey end wen African mama dey involved. She no go let shame worry her as she dey put your needs before her own.

You see dat party jollof wey you jolly wella, she see as your eye dey shine for more, she go come package di food give you for house. You go chop am taya.

Dat na di gift of mama.

Wen she over tok wetin you do weda na mistake or success

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You don eva see your mama use you dey brag before? Ah! E go be like say you fit cure cancer on top say you pass exam or fit do anytin you want do cos you do public speaking.

She be your biggest hypeman on top di mata and no pesin fit make your head swell like mama.

But wen you do bad and she dey correct you, she ova expand di mata, na di fear wey dey her bodi on top wetin you do and wetin fit happun to you she dey show.

She wan make sure say you fit understand di full mata by yourself, so you go fit judge wetin you do by yourself, weda e dey good.

Wen she no report you give papa

Wen you do sometin wey bad sotay you know you don enta serious wente, na she go get your back.

Na because she be gee like dat. She fit punish you for her own way but she sabi wetin be forgive and forget.

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