April Fool's Day scam wey fit catch you today

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Image example Some cultures dey do clown parade on dis day

April Fool's Day no be new tin and evri year for dis time, evri pesin eye go dey chook make dem no fall mugu at any point in time.

Different cultures get different explanation dey for how e take start but di endgame na e go make who ever fall victim to look like fool.

You fit don fall for any of dis tricks already from before and fit still fall again because dem dey easy to fall for plenti times as dem easy to fool pipo.

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Image example Alex Feldman na pesin wey dey go around wit im Fool Hat dey share moni

Five popular pranks for April Fool for Naija

  • Fake Marriage Proposal: Since internet appear for Nigeria, e don easy pass to spread rumour about wedding plans sef. As you no really need to show di "pesin you dey marry" for wetin you dey send.
  • Football News: Dis year, di news be say Nigerian forward Alex Iwobi dey transfer go Barcelona from Arsenal but transfer season neva even land and dis tori don alreadi even make Iwobi dey trend for social media. So, any sport tori wey you hear today, use salt take swallow am.
  • Zip Your Trouser: Dis one dey common and don dey for long but still dey work. E neva clear why. Maybe na shame wey dey catch pipo or na because dem no trust dia tailors.
  • Cracked Phone Screen: Just imagine say you save all your moni to buy di latest phone for market, pesin come borrow am to take picture, you come collect am see say di screen don scata finish. Dis one happun as plenti apps dey wey fit make am look realistic. But if you dey do dis prank e get plenti risk say you go chop beating before "April" fit comot your mouth.
  • Mama, Papa, I don cari belle/give pesin belle: You remember di saying "Apostle must hear of dis" or "Funkeeee", na dis prank bring am. Na wen pikin wey dey live under im mama and papa roof tell dem say e dey expect pikin wen im neva marry. Dat one also dey risky but popular die because of di response you go get. Which also fit include beta beating so na for your own risk if you wan run am.

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