Lion Mama: Di woman wey fight rapist wey attack her daughter

  • By Gavin Fischer
  • BBC News, South Africa

Dem start to dey call Nokubonga Qampi, "Lion Mama" for South Africa afta she kill one of di three men wey dey rape her daughter and wound di odas.

Goment charge her wit murder - but afta pipo hala, dem stop di prosecution and she fit focus on her pikin recovery.

Na for middle of di night wen di phone call come, wey wake Nokubonga from her sleep.

Di girl wey dey on top di line no dey far - and she tok say three men wey dem know well dey rape Nokubonga's daughter, Siphokazi.

Di first tin wey Nokubonga wan do na to call police but dem no answer. She sef know say e go take time before dem reach her village wey dey South Africa's Eastern Cape province.

Na only she fit help.

"Fear catch me but I gats go becos na my daughter," she tok

"I dey tink say wen I reach dia she go don die… because she know di pipo wey do her and because she know dem and dem know say she know dem, dem fit kill am so she no fit report"

Siphokazi dey visit friends for grouo of four small houses for di same village but dem leave am alone to sleep wen are friends comot around 01:30. Then na dia men wey dey drink come inside di house to attack am.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Nokubonga dey waka across her garden

Nokubonga's house get two rooms, bedroom wia she dey sleep and kitchen - na there she carry di knife.

"I cari am for myself becos of di distance from my house to wia my daughter dey, becos e no safe," she tok " E bin dey dark so I gats use di torch for my phone so I fit see road"

As she dey reach di house, she start to dey hear her daughter dey scream. As she enta di bedroom. Di light from her phone make am see as dem dey rape her daughter.

"Fear catch me… I just stand by di door and I ask dem wetin dem dey do. As dem see me, dem start to run towards me and na for dat moment I think say I gats defend myself, di tin just happun," Nokubonga tok.

Nokubonga refuse to tok wetin happun afta then.

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Make you listen to Nokubonga and Siphokazi dey tok on Outlook, BBC World Service

Di judge in di court case against di attackers tok say Nokubinga testimony show say she dey emotional as she see man dey rape her pinkin and di oda two stand there dey wait to do dia own.

E dey clear say when di men run towards am, she use her knife and as dem try run, she stab dem wit her knife and one even jump outside window. Two of dem wunjure and one die.

Nokubonga no tok about how dia mata be. She cari her daughter go one of her friend house.

Wen police come, dem arrest Nokubonga and carry am go police station where dem put am for cell.

She tok say she dey tink of her child and she no get information on how shey dey do. At di same time, Siphokazi dey hospital dey worry about her mama for cell and di chance say dem fit jail am for years.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Siphokazi and Nokubonga for January, 16 months afta di attack

Still in shock, she no fit remember di attack. Wetin she know say her mama come di hospital after two days wen dem free am on bail.

From that time, dem don get each other emotional support.

Siphokazi tok say she no get counselling and her mama don assist am she dey recover. Nokubonga just want make life continue as e dey go.

Buhle Tonise wey be lawyer wey represent Nokubonga tok say she and her daughter don already give up wen she meet dem, a week after di attack.

She tok say even though she know say dem fit tok say na self-defence, e go dey hard to help di woman get confident. Dem no know say di media go help dem and go create di legen way be Lion Mama.

Wetin we call dis foto,

A boy rests in a hut in the village of Lady Frere, before commencing a traditional Xhosa manhood ceremony (2000)

Among some of di many stories of rape wey dey di country, Nokubonga and Siphokazi's story stand out as mama wey dey try protect her pikin. One newspaper label am "Lion Mama" and di name stick.

Di public criticise di decision to charge Nokubonga with murder and dem raise money to help defend am. Di thing raise her spirit and but she see di extent of di public support for her first court appearance.

After everything dem call Nokubonga before magistrate and dem tell am say don withdraw di case.

After dem withdraw di case, Siphokazi tok say she want make her attackers go prison.

They gats wait over a year for that one to happen but for Decemver 2018, di two remaining attackers, 30-year-old Xolisa Siyeka and 25-year-old Mncedisi Vuba - dey dey di same clan as Nokubonga and Siphokazi - get 30 years for prison.

After di case finish, Siphokazi decide to comot so she fit encourage rape survivors. Nokubonga tok say she hope say after di men finish dia sentence dey go become changed pipo.