Human Rights Watch compare goment forces wit armed gangs, Cameroon goment hala

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Cameroon goment say rights group, Human Rights Watch for e 2019 report take sides wit armed gangs for Anglophone regions.

Na for February weh Human Rights watch komot e 2019 report as e concern tins dem weh deh happen for 2018 for Northwest and Southwest Cameroon.

De report say goment soldiers for killings wit no reason, say deh di use too much force on civilians, torture 'terrorists' weh deh capture, burn houses and cargo for population.

De report also tok how separatist di attack schools and teachers di kidnap and also kill.

Goment tok-tok pesin, Rene Emmanuel Sadi say for dis kana accuse goment wan mak'am clear air for dia fight wit gangs weh e di threaten Northwest and Southwest regions. E say goment forces di play dia role for protect population di respect values against pipo weh deh no di respect law di kill and frighten population e add.

Goment condemn de rights group say deh di shame public authority, and e bi clear from de situation for ground say de right group di side wit gangs.

Sadi say na lock mop for hear say deh put pipo weh deh no di respect law, di use illegal pawa for de same level wit public pawa weh de bi legal and di weigh how deh di use force.

Image copyright Rene Sadi

Goment say bad tins dem laik kidnap, stop school, burn hospitals, and oda terrible tins dem no fit be work for goment forces but dat of armed gang weh e di disappear.

Say operation for goment forces di only target na hiding places for armed gangs weh deh don tif peace for de two regions.

"De forces di carry out some actions dem for helep de population and deh go continue wit President Biya e humanitarian plan," Sadi tok.

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Goment say make humanitarian partners laik Human Rights Watch be serious and objective wen deh wan assess facts and realities, say goment go continue e work for bring peace for de two regions.

Since 2016 weh Anglophone crisis start population don tight for middle as goment and separatists di fight, deh don kill plenti civilians, 430,000 pipo run go oda areas, 33,000 for Nigeria.

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