Cyclone Idai: Woman born ontop Mango tree inside flood

Amelia born her daughter Sara inside storm wey kee more dan 7oo pipo. Image copyright UN

One woman born pikin on top mango tree as she try escape flood wey cyclone Idai cause.

Amelia wey be single mama deliver her pikin Sara, as she hold branches of di tree kakaraka togeda wit her two year old son.

Neigbours rescue dem two days later afta storms don kee pass 700 pipo for for Central Mozambique.

Amelia tell Unicef say, "I bin dey house wit my son wey dey two years son wen witout any warning wata begin enta house,"

"I bin no get choice but to climb tree, I bin dey alone wit my son."

Amelia and her family dey stay for temporary accommodation and tori be say she and her pikin dem dey fine.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori