Scientists say sugary drinks dey increase risk of premature death and Nigeria na sixth kontri at risk

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Image example Di Harvard study show say drinking two or more sugary beverages per day dey lead to 21% increased risk of early death

One new study don find out say sugary drinks dey increase risk of early death from different-different sickness like heart diseases and some types of cancer. E also discover say Nigeria na number six for list of kontris wey dey at risk.

Di research wey Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health publish last month, analyse data from ova 37,000 men and ova 80,000 women for 30 years and dem find say di more sugar drink wey pesin drink, di more dia risk to die early.

And di more you drink, di greater di risk, according to wetin di study find out.

Vasanti Malik, wey be research scientist for Harvard Department of Nutrition and lead author of di study tok for one statement say;

"Compare wit drinking less than once per month, drinking one to four sugary drinks per month dey connected wit 1% increase risk; two to six per week na 6% increase; one to two per day na 14% increase; and two or more per day na 21% increase,"

Rate of how kontries dey take sugar drink

Di study find out very strong link between drinking drink wey get sugar and early death risk from heart disease, and "small link" wit cancer.

Di news dey serious because di way pipo dey take soft drinks for all ova di world don increase.

Informate from market research provider Euromonitor International show say di average consumption evri year all ova di world per capita of soft drinks increase to 91.9 litres for 2018, from 84.1 wey e be five years earlier.

Global soft drink consumption

In billion litres (2018)

Source: Euromonitor International

But which kontri dey more at risk than di odas?

Kontries wey sabi take soft drink well-well for di world: drinking in litres per capita for selected kontries for 2018 (according to: Euromonitor International)
China 410.7
USA 356.8
Spain 267.5
Saudi Arabia 258.4
Argentina 250.4
Nigeria 233
Japan 185.8
UK 168.3
Turkey 160.6
Brazil 114.6

As di table shows, di average taking of soft drinks inside China dey more than a litre a day.

Di type of soft drink dey wide and includes, bottled water. But figures from data analytics company Global Data show say per capita drinking of bottled water inside China for 2017 reach only 30.8 litres everi year compare to over 410 litres for soft drinks in general.

Calorie wey dey for soft drink

For 2015, one report wey dem publish for medical journal, di Lancet find out say Americans dey get average of 157 calories a day from sugary drinks - dis one dey little more than one can of cola per day.

330ml can of Coca-Cola, according to the company website, get 35g of sugar, wey amounts to about seven teaspoons. Di World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend say di amount of sugar wey pesin need to take a day no suppose pass 50g.

But di US no be even di worst kontry for di time di Lancet report come out.

Chile dey average of 188 calories a day per pesin, although dat na before di kontri sugar tax begin. Di tax come help reduce di everi month taking of soft drink by ova 21%.

Nearly 30 kontries around di world, including UK, don put some kain tax on top sugary drink.

One of di main concern for health authorities na di way wey sugary drinks dey affect children and teenagers.

WHO tok say obesity numbers for dis age groups (between 5 to 19) don increased from 11 million for 1975 to 124 million for 2016,

But as recent research don tok, over drinking of sugary drinks fit get even more dangerous effects.

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